Laptop Windows installation

Laptop Windows installation

Laptop Windows installation

1. Check if your laptop’s hardware is compatible with the new operating system that you will install, therefore proceed to step n° 2.

Laptop Windows installation – changing BIOS settings

2. Launch the laptop and get to the laptop’s Basic Input / Output System in order to change the boot sequence.
3. Change the boot sequence to make the DVD-ROM boot up first, without this option laptop won’t boot from the DVD.
4. Before saving the BIOS settings, insert the installation disc and then save the settings so the machine will relaunch itself .

Laptop Windows installation – Windows 7 installation

5. After the machine relaunches, as a result Windows will load files needed to install the operating system.laptop windows installation
6. When the files has loaded, choose the language of the operating system, then press next and install now.
7. Before proceeding to the next step, read the Microsoft Software License Terms and accept them if you agree with it.
8. Choose custom installation to install Windows, then create new partitions if needed (it is recommended to make a partition for the system and other files).
9. Confirm and proceed to installation of whe Windows 7 Operation System, and then after installation the laptop will restart.laptop-windows-installation-02-unpacking-files.jpg

The Installation-Process take a while…


When the Copy has finished then Boot the Device new.


Laptop Windows installation – system configuration

10. Configure your laptop, type in username and computer name, also set time and type password (your password should contain of 8 characters, it must have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, because without it the account is not safe) .
11. Choose update option, you can choose if you want to use recommended settings in order to install important updates only or ask me later option.
12. Type in the license key to authenticate you as a legal user of the Windows 7 and thanks to that the announcement of the piracy will not show up.
13. After the acomplishment of all the task, the laptop is preparing to be used by the user and finally it is ready to use.laptop-windows-installation-05-finalizing-files.jpg

After the New-Start has the Installation finished and we can go the Device-Manager to look how much drivers are missing.

laptop-windows-installation-06-windows-ready-to-use.jpgaptop-windows-installation-07-missing-drivers.JPG laptop-windows-installation-08-installed-drivers

Laptop Windows installation



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