Laptop motherboard repair

Laptop motherboard repair – We replace your mainboard

Laptop motherboard repair

1. Remove the battery to prevent electrick shock and hardware damage, the voltage can be risk for your life.

2. Unscrew the screw mounting hard disk to remove hard disk, then remove the had disk drive.

3. Remove the RAM closer to unmount RAM, then unmount the Random Access Memory.

Laptop motherboard repair

4. Remove the closer of the screen’s wire carefully to reach to the screws mounting keyboard.

5. Unscrew the screw mounting keyboard and carefully take the keyboard, flip it and put it on keys side.


Unmounting the internal devices attatched to the mainboard

6. Unscrew the screw mounting closer of the WLAN NIC to unmount WLAN NIC, then unmount the WLAN NIC.

7. Unscrew the screw mounting closer of the LAN NIC to unmount LAN NIC, then unmount the LAN NIC.

8. Remove the screw mounting the screen to unmount screen, then unplug the screen wire to unmount screen.

9. Take off the WLAN NIC wires to unmount screen, nextly remove the screen carefully to maintain the condition of the screen

10. Remove the screws on the bottom side of laptop to gain access to internal hardware, then remove the DVD drive to make a posibility of taking out the motherboard.

11. Flip the laptop on top side to reach the cables on the second side, after that unplug 2 cables in the middle, becuase they are attached to the motherboard.


12. Unscrew the screw near the screen port to unlock the acess to components underneath it and remove the top casing to gain access to the heatsink.


13. Remove the heatsink of the chipset and GPU to uninstall motherboard, nextly remove the hard disk bay to uninstall motherboard.


14. Unscrew the screw mounting the CPU heatsink to uninstall motherboard, then take off the CPU heatsink to uninstall motherboard.

15. Unplug the wires near the right speaker, becuase they are attached to the motherboard, nextly take off the mockup of the cards slot, becuase they are not needed when uninstalling the motherboard.

16. Unscrew the screw of the VGA and LPT port, becase they mount the motheboard to the case.

17. Take the motherboard out.

Motherboard from upside      laptop-mainboard-repair-asus-z53-11                          

Motherboard from downside laptop-mainboard-repair-asus-z53-12

Laptop motherboard repair


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